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AUM Recyled Sailcloth Bags

08.23.07   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Fashion   |   By: A. Salem Jones
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Founded three years ago in Vancouver, Red Flag Design has some designs which deserve a mention. Their Alternate Use Material (AUM) line takes materials which are about to be discarded such as Spectra sailcloth and Hypalon rubber and gives them a second life in the form of bags, wallets, and clutches. Unique and released in limited editions, each has a story to tell. Elements like the numbers on the sails become graphic abstractions finished bags. The reuse of sail materials as bags is especially appropriate given the materials’ inherent strength.
Duffle bags such as those seen above go for $250 (not sure if that’s Canadian dollars). Totes like the ones seen below go for $175. They appear to be well constructed based on some of the product detail images on the website.

4 Responses to “AUM Recyled Sailcloth Bags”

  1. jwh Says:

    what a beautiful way to recycle something that really isn’t that beautiful in its original form. amazing.

  2. Kellis Landrum Says:

    I love anything that has giant random pieces of letters on it.

  3. theIsovist Says:

    reminds me of Freitag. (

  4. Alex Jones Says:

    I checked out the Freitag link and those were very nice.

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