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05.30.07   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: A. Salem Jones
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ascii-art-portrait.jpgLet the inner old-school-computer-nerd in you loose with ASCII–O–Matic, a site that generates ASCII art for you. Visitors can upload an image and let the site do the rest. Now you can have that sig file you always wanted.

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  1. Kellis Landrum Says:

    I did one of these in highschool by hand and it took me about 2 days.

  2. Me Says:

    Check out

  3. Sue | Pillows Says:

    Oh my word that is just brilliant, I wouldn’t mind a picture of me done like that. Thanks for the links very interesting there.

  4. Alexa Says:

    I like it. So nice ASCII art!

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