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Aqua Forest Aquarium

09.9.08   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Modern Home   |   By: A. Salem Jones
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Aqua Forest Aquarium is a unique retail aquarium store located in San Francisco. It is the first aquarium store in the US dedicated to the Nature Aquarium Style, pioneered by Takashi Amano over the last decade. This style imitates natural landscapes such as miniature mountain ranges, often at a much smaller scale, within the aquarium. To learn more about the differences between Nature Style and Dutch Style aquarium composition, the two prevailing schools of thought, check out this page.




2 Responses to “Aqua Forest Aquarium”

  1. Michael Says:

    I LOVe it!…now if I could only figure out…”how” to put one of these in my “live in, all year ’round…studio/abode”… Motorhome!…then “we be cool”…ya think?

    Seriously, this ol’ Fart has loved aquariums all his life…but, to build an “environment” that reminds me “of Home”…(in the Pacific Northwest) also?…Just really “strikes” this imagination upside the head! I’m gonna contact them…and “figure out a way”…hee hee!

    Funny, but,…I’ve got a wall mural that I am getting “ready” to put on a large wall…down here in “extreme” Southern Arizona…that has “guppies n goldfish”…wandering across the upper regions of the pictorial…Both the Building Owner (commissioner) and I thought it’d be “cool” to mess with “the heads” of Tourists “passing thru” this extreme Desert area, while on their way down into the “ritzy” part of Puerto Penasco, Mexico…hee hee… called “Rocky Point” around here.

  2. judenino Says:

    wow………………. it’s cool i like it

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