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Aptera Typ-1

03.6.08   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Tech   |   By: Andrea Tumino
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This three-wheeled wonder is absolutely rocking our world. The Aptera Typ-1 is compact, but has enough space to fit two people, 15 bags of groceries or even a couple of seven foot surf boards, all while being extremely fuel-efficient. The Aptera’s engineers have developed the most aerodynamic body shape possible to reduce drag and maximize fuel efficiency. According to their website, the Typ-1 can run on battery power for approximately 120 miles, and if you run out of electricity the gasoline hybrid engine will kick in which gets a stunning 230 miles per gallon.

Aptera has scheduled the Typ-1 to hit the streets sometime in November. For a sticker price of $26,900 for the electric version and $29,900 for the hybrid model. To get on the waiting list, click here.

To see more photos of the interior and exterior of the Aptera Typ-1, click read the rest of this entry below.







2 Responses to “Aptera Typ-1”

  1. Joe Says:

    I’m obsessed with this car, even though it’s just a prototype, I can’t wait to test drive one! It’s so future forward. Driving one would really make the people around you in their 6000lb SUV’s question their vehicles. This company seems to have everything going for it, great design, website, engineering, and branding; hopefully the production model lives up to the hype. I want to drive across America on 20 gallons!

  2. Neu Black Says:

    I spoke with Aptera’s creative director last month and he told me they are having a press day at the end of the summer/begining of the fall. I’m praying they have a test drive session.

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