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Antti Uotila

06.23.09   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Fashion   |   By: Rebecca Swanner
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Recently, we stumbled onto Antti Uotila, an illustrator hailing from the chilly country of Finland. Throughout his work, Uotlia uses unexpected shapes to create familiar designs of animals and human faces – for instance, in one magazine illustration he created the illusion of a face by drawing scents rising from perfume bottles. In another, he merely superimposed eyes, hands, or lips atop black geometric shapes to convey a human form. The result are images that are both slightly disturbing in their strangeness but captivating in their uniqueness and we’re hoping that his matchup with apparel brand Girls of Boredom makes it over here to the States so we can snag one of his designs for our own closet.



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