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Anna Taratiel

05.22.09   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Rebecca Swanner
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For over a century, Barcelona has inspired artists to create their best works. Here, Gaudi designed his outrageous, fantastical architectural buildings and Picasso painted some of his most memorable masterpieces. The streets still buzz with artistic life and that’s partially in thanks to Anna Taratiel.

In her work, the Barcelona native juxtaposes rigid geometric shapes with soft organic lines, then adds intense colors that cause your eye to bounce all around the image. The result are cartoonish images, a touch reminiscent of Lichtenstein, which convey deep emotion and movement through the simple shapes and balance of color, whether they’re thrown up as street art or displayed in a traditional gallery. I’ve personally found myself most moved by her (possibly illegal?) hulking outdoor works that must startle the passerby upon first glance. Commissioned or not, it seems she has designed them so they improve, not detract, from the original space.




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