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Air Crosswalk by Art. Lebedev Studio

01.12.09   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: A. Salem Jones
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Check out this clever design by Russian studio Art. Lebedev Studio. This crosswalk accomplishes several things in a single streamlined solution.

First, pedestrians crossing the road are lit. Overhead lighting helps drivers see pedestrians, reducing the risk of accidents. Secondly, the crosswalk could be seen from far away, which is especially important for poor lit roads outside the city, where drivers may not expect pedestrians. Third, stripes above the road would make an easily noticable and recognizable mark for a crosswalk, even with no actual road marking or snow-covered during wintertime.


The first implementation will be in Tumen, Russia, later this year.

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  1. Lynn Kenneth Pecknold Says:

    These guys have a sense of humor. Along with safety and potential life saving innovations they can get you laughing on their first page.

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