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AGENT designs a smarter ball- CTRUS

03.29.10   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Tech   |   By: Neu Black
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Thought this is still a concept in development, Mexico City based design firm AGENT has been working on an idea begging for implementation. Using a combination of GPS and RFID technology, AGENT has developed a soccer ball with a tracking system that can alert officials as to whether or not a ball is in-bounds or has crossed a goal line. Apparently this technology also includes accelerometer based velocity tracking to detect aspects of force and pressure (we assume this could measure when it’s time to replace a ball).
We like this concept for almost any sport involving a ball. But the first place we’d like to see this implemented is Major League Baseball, where the strike zone could (finally) be made standard and consistent rather than fluid based on the call of each particular umpire. Needless to say almost any ball based sport would benefit from this, so please AGENT, hurry up!

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