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Adobe Multi-Lens Camera

02.26.08   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Tech   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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 News flash gang, the game has changed. We know, you read the headline and thought, “When did Adobe start making cameras?” We scoffed until we saw what this could do and now it all makes sense.

Adobe has put together a multi-lens camera that allows a shot to be taken from multiple angles and depths at the same time. Using a new software prototype both depth of field and camera angle can be adjusted digitally in post production. 

The effect of these multiple angles is an image that has some (albeit limited) 3-D functionality. You can get a better sense of the effect by watching the video above from our friends at techeblog, and a better understanding of the science behind it can be found on  adobe-multi-lense.jpg 

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  3. Stereoscopic Cameras « Lo-fi Photography–the low down Says:

    [...] My research also uncovered some interesting new innovations in the digital camera world. Adobe is developing a lens that captures all visual information into one exposure and through Photoshop the photographer can choose which elements to use in the final shot. That certainly takes the artistry and experimentation out of photography. Who am I kidding, it kind of sucks the soul out of the whole process, but it’s pretty interesting nonetheless. Check out this article and short video. [...]

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