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Adobe Creative Suite 3

03.28.07   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Tech   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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It looks like it may be time to upgrade. If your like us, you wanted to wait for about six months after the release of the Mac Pro to make sure they’ve worked out all the bugs, and that of course means getting new copy’s of Adobe’s Creative Suite to work with the new Intel processors. We just caught a glimpse of the new CS packages through Adobe’s Creative License site and this looks a lot like what we hoped to see when we heard Adobe was acquiring Macromedia. Here are the highlights-

Photoshop- We got a chance to beta test the new Photoshop and we’d like to officially give it a big thumbs up. We really like the re-designed palette system and the non destructive filtering. We haven’t had a chance to play with the new 3-D features, but we’re excited to give them a test drive.

Flash- Finally, finally, finally, thank god finally. This was why we were excited Adobe bought Macromedia in the first place. Adobe has got rid of the awful drawing tools in flash and replaced them with the same pen tool and Bezier curves we’ve come to know and love in illustrator. We can only hope this also means that Adobe has burned to the ground and rebuilt Flash’s font rendering engine. This new version of Flash will not only support psd and ai formats, but will also allow you to import both as layered files. A friend of ours who beta tested this confirmed that transparency modes are also supported as well as a few new filters like motion blur. Lastly, Flash is set to receive a badly needed re-design of their palette system. Being that Adobe has been the reigning champion of software usability, we are excited to see what happens as they take a stab at making one of the most complex interactive design tools more user friendly.

Illustrator- It’s hard to improve on something that works this well. We are interested to see how the new bitmap tracing feature works out since adobe had mixed luck with this in the past (anyone remember streamline?), and it was about the only thing Flash did better that illustrator in terms of vector graphics. Illustrator is also slated to have a new color picking system which peaks our curiosity only because we like Photoshop’s system so much better.

Dreamweaver- We’re adopting a wait and see approach on this one. We thought Dreamweaver to be Macromedia’s best product from a usability standpoint, we just didn’t like the way it rendered code. Dreamweaver’s biggest challenge has been dealing with CSS and this is one of the few instances where we think Macromedia will be more of a help to Adobe than the other way around. Supposedly the new browser compatibility check is going to solve some issue with things being the same across browsers, once again, we’ll wait and see. Dreamweaver is sold as a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, but we’ve found ourselves cursing at Dreamweaver for not giving us what we saw on stage in our browser. Yet again, we’ll wait and see.

All of this is slated to be released in late April. If you want to pre-order you can get your copy here.

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