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Typographic Mobile

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It’s never to early to start learning about good type. You can give your recent addition a leg up with this type mobile. If you know any designers about to have kids this looks like the gift to get. Available at


Richard Colman

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Maryland born Richard Coleman began his career after graduating from the School of The Museum Of Fine Arts at Boston. In 2002 he was recognized by Shepard Fairey and showed at BLKMRKT Los Angeles with illustration super star Dalek. Coleman’s work has proven introspective and complex. His use of geometric pattern, surrealist elements, and and folk style illustration give the viewer and virtual eyeful vibrant color and spellbinding imagery. Now based in San Francisco Coleman may not spend much time at home; 2010 is packed with group and solo shows world wide. He is currently showing until March 7th at the MAMA Gallery, Rotterdam along side Neu Black fave Jeff Soto.


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A gift from Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson’s This is It tour was getting it’s final touches in June of 2009. It was then at he commissioned this bracelet, inspired by the one wore on his right wrist, as a thank you gift for his cast and crew.

Having participated in the 1996 HIStory tour as the makeup and hair stylist for the cast and band, Randi Måvestrand knew Michael and kept in touch with her long time friend Karen Faye, Michael’s personal stylist. When Faye asked if she’d be interested in designing a sample, Måvestrand eagerly began hand crafting a bracelet which embodied his life long desire to bring peace to people and heal the world. The inscription on the silver face reads “Heal the World” while the reverse reads “Love Michael.” Upon seeing the handcrafted piece Michael loved it. Days prior to kicking off the tour, Michael passed away. Faye reported that she had lovingly tied this bracelet to Michael’s ankle while preparing his body for burial.

We had the privilege to take a close look at these delicate accessories. Whether it’s the emotion driven by the circumstances or the intensity of the message, one is immediately drawn in.

Jewelry design is a labor of love for Randi Måvestrand as she primarily works in the entertainment industry as a hair and makeup stylist. With encouragement from Michael’s fans, she has continued to produce the bracelets which can be purchased here.

More jewelry from the Be-Loved line by Randi Måvestrand after the jump.
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Shelia Storage Unit by Ali Sandifer Studio

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Ali Sandifer Studio is modern furniture maker based in Chicago, Illinois. Everything the sell is hand-made and produced in-house. Using domestic woods from sustainable forests, the furniture is environmentally friendly. On top of that, a solid, veneer free construction ensures the furniture will last generations. Their Shelia Storage Unit demonstrates their sensibilities. Perfect for a television setup, the design has three drawers and an adjustable shelf. Available in Walnut, Ash and Rift White Oak. Self-closing undermount slides.


Alessi La Stanza Dello Scirocco by Mario Trimarchi

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Alessi La Stanza Dello Scirocco was inspired by the Sicilian storm called Scirocco, this bread or fruit basket conjures images of objects caught in a swirl of storm winds. Painted metal. Available in black or white. 2.5 inches tall x 9.5 inches across. You can buy it here for $50.

Overcoming Creative Block

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If you do any sort of creative work you will almost inevitably hit a wall at some point. Ideas are few and far between and the ones that come just don’t seem to cut it.
Everyone has a different method for working through this, but Alex Cornell over at ISO 50 asked twenty five artists to talk about what they do when they can’t seem to do anything right. You can check out the responses (and respond yourself) here.

Open Letter To James Cameron: Fairness For VFX Artists

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In a recent open letter, Lee Stranahan pressed the issue of fair treatment and working conditions for visual effects artists. James Cameron, director of the effects heavy film Avatar, was called upon to address the perceived problem.

The writers, composers and actors all will receive well-deserved residual payments for decades to come. But the visual effects artists don’t receive royalties and residuals. And as one visual effects artist told me, “even in the credits, we’re listed after craft services.”

The cites the lack of unionization and ease of off-shoring labor as problems facing the artist. This has sparked further conversations about labor organization in the creative community at large.

Tic Chronograph Watch by Piero Lissoni

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Although the “halfway between a circle and square” thing is perhaps a bit turn of the millennium, this watch should age well – great design always does. Fine detailing and discerning contrast between thicknesses of line in the design make this a fantastic watch. Add the fact that it’s a chronograph for under $200 there’s not much more to talk about. Stainless-steel case, mineral crystal, and black leather band. If you’re feeling extra adventurous you could get a third party band. Pick it up here for $180.

Last Minute Valentines: Los Angeles

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14K Gold Forget Me Knot Ring (Item A)
$200 @ Reform School
3902 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Carve Your Own Postcard (Item B)
$12 @ A+R
1121-1 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

Design Glut Crude Necklace (Item C)
$160 @ Fitzsu
7970 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

United Bamboo 2010 Cat Calendar (Item D)
943 N. Broadway #203
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Remembering Alexander McQueen

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mcqueen40 year old fashion icon Alexander McQueen passed away yesterday in his London apartment from what are rumored to be self inflicted wounds. For many of us McQueen’s lines represented a certain theatrical brilliance in fashion. His wildly imaginative pieces heightened the senses and often seemed to border a dream scape. He had the capacity to make us feel glorious, fanciful, and even tarnished at times. Today is no different.