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The Living Wall Project: Interactive Wallpaper

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Lisa-Buechley-living-wallIf your phone can have a touch screen with out actual buttons, why can’t your house do the same? The Living Wall project, led by Lisa Buechley at the MIT’s Media Lab uses conductive paint in wall paper. This allows for a flexible surface that can be used as a touch sensor and could control almost anything electronic via bluetooth (albeit within a certain distance). In the image above, LED circuitry is incorporated into the material and conductive paint stenciled as a design motif produce light directly from the surface.

From New Scientists interview with Lisa Buechley
“Our goal is to make technologies that users can build on and change without needing a lot of technical skill,” says Buechley.
To create the wallpaper, the team started with steel foil sandwiched between layers of paper that are coated with magnetic paint – acrylic paint infused with iron particles. Over this base they paint motifs such as flowers and vines using conductive paint, which uses copper particles rather than iron. The designs form circuits to which sensors, lights and other elements can be attached.
“It really is just a sheet of paper, and could be produced with existing printing and construction methods,” Buechley says.
Having exposed circuitry on your wall might sound dangerous, but Buechley says the system runs at 20 volts, drawing around 2.5 amps when fully loaded with devices. “You can go up and touch the wall and not even feel a tingle,” she says.

Apple Net Tablet

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There’s a lot of speculation going around, but all signs point to the reality of an Apple Tablet being released, possibly in time for Christmas. This is essentially a large format ipod touch with wireless internet access. This idea is largely considered to be apples next huge sea changing idea and for good reason.


Building on the tremendous success of iphone applications, a tablet would provide a larger format app developers to work with. This could be used to display anything from a browser, keyboard, photo gallery, to a video screen that could display HD video.


We’re guessing this would probably be about as big as a small- medium sized laptop, maybe 13-15 inches. Apple is speculated to release this for about $800 subsidized by a multi year internet access contract, rumored to be partnered with Verizon.

Thanks to PC World, Mashable, and TBI.

Modcat Litter Box

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At last, a litter box which not only hides it’s unsightly contents, it looks at home in a minimal setting. The clever design also keeps litter inside so it doesn’t spill which your cat jumps out of the box or digs.

Available in five colors. 15″ t x 16″ d x 16″ w. You can buy it here for $180.

Aunts & Uncles Bags

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Finding a good laptop bag is a never ending search. In the latest chapter of our quest we found the Mrs Moore and Mr Miller bags from German boutique Aunts & Uncles.  We are very much in favor of a decidedly retro look for transporting our technology. The classic look of waxed leather looks decidedly cooler after a few good nicks and scratches, so this bag may outlast your next three laptops. While black canvas and zippers have certainly had their day, we think it may be time for technology to stop looking so futuristic.

You can pick one up from Mooncruise Gallery.

Art Openings this weekend (Oct 23-24)

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Fri, Oct. 23rd 7-11PM
Gallery 1988 Los Angeles
7020 Melrose Ave in Los Angeles / 323.937.7088
“SMart: Artwork inspired by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier’s SModcast” featuring works from David MacDowell, Scott Campbell, Lesley Reppeteaux, NC Winters, Misha, Roland Tomayo, Kiersten Essenpreis, Israel Sanchez, Andrew Wilson, Tom Haubrick, Sean Clarity and many more
(Special one-night only event hosted by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier)

Fri, Oct. 23rd 10AM-10PM (check site for details)
8910 Washington Blvd. in Culver City / 310.559.6300
“Three Apples” special event celebrating 35 years of Hello Kitty including a group show featuring Hello Kitty inspired works from over 80 artists including Gary Baseman, Ron English, Amanda Visell, Buff Monster, Camilla d’Errico, Tara McPherson, Kathie Olivas, Aiko, Andrew Brandou, FriendsWithYou, Natalia Fabia, Mark Dean Veca, Luke Chueh, Jeremyville, Travis Louie, Yoskay Yamamoto, Deph, Melissa Haslam, Hush, Nate Frizzell, Colin Christian, Yosuke Ueno and many more plus a special product retrospective, a Hello Kitty ‘apartment’ installation, a pop-up shop with tons of limited edition items for the event, a Hello Kitty themed café menu and be sure to check out the site for a slew of events going on throughout the exhibition including a Halloween part on Sat, Oct. 31st – don’t miss that!
(On view through Nov. 15th)

Sat, Oct. 24th 6-10PM
Japanese American National Museum
369 East First Street in Los Angeles
“Giant Robot Biennale 2: 15 F*cking Years” featuring major new works from David Choe, Souther Salazar, Rob Sato, James Jean, kozyndan, Jeff Soto, Stella Lai, Theo Ellsworth, Deth P. Sun, Jack Long and Albert Reyes along with a special collaboration from Le Merde, David Horvath and Yukinori Dehara plus indie video games and a photo retrospective of the last 15 years of Giant Robot and in a second hall, a 50+ person group show featuring works from the likes of Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Apak, Bigfoot, Bwana Spoons, Dan-ah Kim, Edwin Ushiro, Hannah Stouffer, Jen Corace, Jon Burgerman, Luke Chueh, Mari Inukai, Marci Washington, Mark Todd, Matt Furie, PCP,
Robert Bellm, Scrappers, Thomas Han and many, many more.
(On view through January 24th, 2010)

Sat, Oct. 24th 7-10PM
NONI Boutique
225 North Larchmount Blvd in Los Angeles
“Fall To Pieces” featuring new works from Augustine Kofie

Sat, Oct. 24th 8-11PM
Solid Gallery One
334 N. Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles
“Halloween In Heaven” group show featuring works from Ted Von Heiland, Paul Torres, Axis, Miss Wendy, Michael Baylis, Yushi, Squindo and many more

via Sourharvest

London 2012 Olympic Pictograms Unveiled

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The pictograms for the 2012 Olympics have just been released. It’s interesting to compare them to the historic counterparts such as the famous 1972 Munich set by Otl Aicher. The new set was apparently done by British firm SomeOne. Despite the fact that the controversial 2012 Olympic logo made such a break from tradition, the pictograms are more in line with historical approaches. It’s a difficult assignment to make something highly stylized and maintain the required legibility, never mind the olympic approval process.



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Sweatshoppe- Video Graffiti

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Speaking of action painting, performance art duo Bruno Levy and Blake Shaw ( aka Sweatshoppe ) have taken it to the next level by coming up with a way to “paint with video”.
From what we understand there is no actual paint involved. Instead the rollers have LEDs which are motion tracked by a projector yielding the results seen in the video above. This is a very cool idea and we wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot more of this in the future. Sweatshoppe developed the software that drives this themselves and are said to be releasing it to the public as they work out some of the bugs.

via Wooster Collective

Shepard Fairey to AP: My bad

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Made public Friday through comments made on his website, Shepard Fairey admitted to destroying evidence and creating false documents to conceal the original photo used to create the “Hope” and “Progress” posters popularized during the Obama campaign. Fairey apologized for his “lapse in judgment” and took full responsibility for his actions, which he said were his alone. He has since been dropped by his legal council, which will officially step down once new council can be obtained. It seems Shep will still pursue his case against the AP, in which he contends he has the right to fair use of the image as it was fundamentally transformed from it’s original state. While he “regrets not coming forward sooner,” Fairey’s case against the AP will be severely impacted by this new development, especially considering the loss of his legal team.

-Via New York Times

Dan McPharlin

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Dan McPharlin’s work takes us back to the weird fantasy/Sci Fi cartoons we (vaguely) remember from late seventies to early eighties concepts like Fantastic Planet, Heavy Metal, and basically anything by Roger Dean.
Mix that with a few Iso 50ish references to analog electronic music devices (moog keyboards anyone?) and you’ve got quite an array of stunning work to choose from.
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Art Openings This Weekend (Oct 16-18)

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Sat, Oct. 17th 7-10PM
Black Maria Gallery
3137 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles / 818.613.9090
“When Smoking Was Cool” featuring works from Anthony Ausgang, Sharktoof, Sam Saghatelian, The Pizz, Paul Chatem, and many more
(On view through Nov. 14th)

Sat, Oct. 17th 9PM-1AM ($8 at the door / $6 in costume)
Cannibal Flower
5797 Washington Blvd in Los Angeles (near Culver City gallery district)
Bi-monthly group show and performance – special Halloween party, so come in costume – with featured artist Mickey Edtinger and a group show featuring works from Mark Mothersbaugh, Chris Peters, Chet Zar, Mear One, Alex Garcia, Ekundayo, Paul Chatem, Dabs Myla, Nate Seubert, Craig ‘Skibs’ Barker, Tiki Jay One, Joe Bravo, Michael Pukac, L. Croskey, Delphia, Nicole Bruckman, Macsorro, Paul Torres, Patrick Hammerlein, Michele Waterman, Douglas Alvarez, Shahid Brown, John Hicks, Ted Von Heiland, Jose Carabes, Snow Mack, and many more plus music from resident DJ’s Mr. NumberOnederful and X-Point plus guest DJ’s Jas Shepherd of KPFK’s ‘Forward Motion’ show along with DJ Bus Rider and Patrick Icon of CAVE Gallery plus a performance by Zombies Without Borders and Live Painters Michael Pukac and Yuki Miyazaki

Sat, Oct. 17th 7-11PM
Cella Gallery
5229 Lankershim Blvd in North Hollywood
“Persona” featuring new works from Mark Gleason
(On view through Nov. 14th)

Sat, Oct. 17th 6-9PM
Gallery Eight Two Five
825 N. La Cienega Blvd in Los Angeles
“The Lingering Feast” group show juried by Merry Karnowsky
(On view through Nov. 13th)

Sat, Oct. 17th 6:30-10PM
2062 Sawtelle Blvd in Los Angeles / 310.445.9276
“Zoetic” is an exhibition of new artwork by Yellena James with a special presentation of ‘Aquarium’ with the help of Fashionbuddha Studio and Radium Ltd.
(On view through Nov. 11th)

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